Jewish Imperatives

Jewish Imperatives

As the Jewish community comes to grips with the horrific tragedy that
happened in Brooklyn this past Shabbat [the fire that took the lives of seven young siblings], we need to keep our lives in
perspective; we get so caught up in our individual challenges, we sometimes forget that kavod
habriot [respect for one’s fellow man] and just simply appreciating each other and the life that Hashem has
granted us, is what is most imperative.

This Shabbat, or during Pesach, hold your
family tight. Look around your seder table and appreciate the berachot [blessings] that
you have. Don’t judge others, and let things slide, as I often tell my children, “You can always say something later, [but] you can never take back what you say.”

May Hashem grant all the Jewish people much needed nechama [comfort].


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