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Jewish Education Is Key

Jewish Education Is Key

Gary Rosenblatt makes the case in his column, “The Wrong Way To Fight BDS” (Oct. 16), that the $50 million
being spent by Sheldon Adelson and friends to fight BDS is misdirected. He then
quotes a regional director of an Israel advocacy group who believes that
“we could be hiring public relations firms to build Israel’s brand and
channel young people’s interest in culture, food, technology and other
areas besides politics.”

Although I agree that the funds are misdirected, I
certainly disagree with spending large amounts to bond over culture, food, 
and other relatively unimportant issues. 
The real issue on campus is the apathy of the Jewish students toward Judaism
and Israel, which have to be meaningful to the students. The only reliable and
proven solution to Jewish apathy is Jewish education. That requires parental interest/involvement and money
to fund it. 
If Mr. Adelson wants to get the most out of his wonderful commitment, the
Jewish world would be best served if it went to Jewish education — any

So let’s stop all the rhetoric. Get up and do something to increase your
own commitment to Judaism and Israel and your children will, with God’s
help, follow and dedicate themselves as well. Campuses will then have strong, committed Jewish youth to take on any challenges that they face.


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