Jewish Agency Employee Accused Of Selling Survivors’ Info

Jewish Agency Employee Accused Of Selling Survivors’ Info

An employee of a Jewish agency in Florida was arrested on charges of selling the identity information of Holocaust survivors.

Crystal Thorne, 23, was arrested over the weekend and charged with selling personal information about clients of the Holocaust Survivors Assistance Program at the Jewish Community Services of South Florida, the Miami Herald reported. Thorne, who worked at the agency's North Miami office, appeared Monday in federal court in Miami.

Thorne was arrested after offering to sell the information — including names, addresses, dates of birth and Social Security numbers — to a police informant, who claimed that he intended to use them for a tax refund scam. They had agreed on a price of $1,000 for the 30 identities, according to the newspaper. Thorne had previously given the informant samples of five identities, according to the informant, the newspaper reported.

During her arrest, Thorne signed a statement saying that she had stolen the information from her employer, according to the newspaper.

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