Jew Invents Christian Mezuzah: ‘Christooza’

Jew Invents Christian Mezuzah: ‘Christooza’

Financial advisor from Queens sells Christoozas for $20 a pop.

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Thought the Hanukkah bush was the only way to reinvent the wheel? Think again.

Henry Zabarsky, a Jewish man from Queens has started making mezuzahs for Christians, the New York Post reports. His new invention, coined the "Christooza," is a hollow plastic cross containing a Christian prayer instead of the Jewish prayer, "Shema Yisroel." Like the traditional Jewish mezuzah, it's also supposed to be affixed to doorposts.

“I was visiting a client in Rockaway. She’s very religious — Catholic. There were pictures of Jerusalem everywhere, crosses. And I was thinking, Jews have this mezuzah — so why not create one for everyone else?” Zabarsky, a 43-year-old financial advisor said in a recent interview.

Christoozas can be purchased from Zabarsky's website for $20 a piece. Customized blessings are an extra $5 a pop. The website also provides instructions for affixing the Christooza to your doorpost (in three simple steps), and features a blog where you can share your personal Christooza stories and pictures.

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