JCF Role Not To Censor

JCF Role Not To Censor

I beg to differ with my old friend, Jeffrey Wiesenfeld (“Tighten JCF Guidelines,” Letters, June 19). As a past president of Jewish Communal Fund and someone who created a donor advised fund at JCF nearly 40 years ago, my experience with JCF has been as professional as one can imagine.

Last year, JCF’s generous fund holders granted more than $329 million to a diverse range of charities in every sector of the economy. To my knowledge, the organization has never approved of any allocation to an organization with the express purpose of harming the Jewish people or Israel. There exists, however, a wide gap between what some people believe is harmful and others believe is in the long-term best interests of the Jewish people.

I believe it is up to each individual donor to decide which IRS-qualified charitable organizations to support; JCF’s role is not to censor its fund holders.


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