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J Street’s Arrogance And Intolerance

J Street’s Arrogance And Intolerance

Associate Editor

Friday, July 24th, 2009

Once again, J Street shows that it is ignorant as well as intolerant, when it depicts Christian Zionists as apocalyptics and crazies rather than as, well, Christian Zionists who are honest and good-hearted. See here. Jewish Zionists are catching on that J Street has contempt for all Zionists, Christians or otherwise. J Street does a terrific job of flattering its base and playing to their anti-Zionist, anti-religious prejudice. Oh, they’ll get invited to the White House, plenty, but Obama won’t get much beyond his 6 percent rating in Israel if he keeps following the J Street playbook. It’s Obama’s J Street-style callousness and disrespect for history, for people, and Israeli sovereignty that’s turning off Israelis as much, if not more, than anything else.

Does Obama have plenty of Jewish supporters? So did other presidents, before they didn’t. On another level entirely, Shabbtai Tzvi had plenty of Jewish supporters before he didn’t. So did the Golden Calf, before it didn’t. Lenin had plenty of Jewish supporters, and so did the Reform and chasidic anti-Zionist rabbinate, pre-1948, before they didn’t. On the left, and on the right, having plenty of Jewish supporters doesn’t always equate to being on the right side of history. That’s where humility comes in, and J Street and Obama need a spoonful.

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