The Jewish Wedding Today June 2013

The Jewish Wedding Today June 2013

The new wedding food. Israeli couples: We’ll always have Cyprus. Gay marriage and the Jewish community. Latter-day style for bridesmaids’ dresses.

INSIDE The Jewish Wedding Today June 2013
What’s in store, food and drink-wise, for the season’s weddings.
An entire industry has grown up in Cyprus (and the Czech Republic) catering to civil weddings overseas.
Ketubah designer says it’s too early to tell if flurry of same-sex marriage legislation will affect business.
While fight for benefits continues, sense of normalcy about gay nuptials.
For American-Israeli couple, married life is a delight — except for DOMA.
In crowdsourcing for weddings, new methods for an old idea.
A Modern Orthodox bride searches long and hard for appropriate bridesmaids’ dresses.
Drawn to its symbolism, non-Jews are increasingly getting married under the chupah.