The Good Life July 2010

The Good Life July 2010

Surrogate Fatherhood; How To Retire, Happily; Words Are Their Bond; Have Guitar (And Family), Will Travel; Law Students Aiding A Special Clientele; From Ohio To The Old City; Following The Kids To Israel?

INSIDE The Good Life July 2010
When Bruce Feiler was diagnosed with bone cancer, he reached out to six of his friends to play an ongoing role in his young daughters’ lives. A gender twist on ‘It Takes a Village.’
Recording histories helps Selfhelp young leaders connect with Holocaust survivors.
Hebrew University lawyers-to-be helping Holocaust survivors through legal morass to get reparations.
There’s a push on to recruit the parents of those making aliyah.
Ten tips from the Sun Belt on staying active, fit and appreciated.
It takes a retirement village for an Israel bar mitzvah.