Text Context: Water

Text Context: Water

Water can be blessing and curse, and while we acknowledge its dangers, we look at its life-nourishing essence. Turning to the new year that begins this week, we explore the connections between water and holiness, blessing and the idea of renewal. We look

INSIDE Text Context: Water
in producing Jewish music, trombonist Rafi Malkiel found inspiration in water.
The ritual of Tashlich brings together all kinds of Jews and all kinds of sins.
Jujubes once took center stage at Algerian Rosh HaShanah celebrations.
Facing the uncertainty of water.
The Talmudic sage Hillel was more radical and welcoming than many realize.
At 80, Israeli scientist Daniel Hillel thought his work with water management was behind him. But global warming has made it more necessary than ever.
For this husband, the mikveh is all about waiting
Is pumping water into the Dead Sea saving or destroying it?
A novelist and feminist reimagines immersion.