Text Context September 2011

Text Context September 2011

Glass half-empty or half-full? This month, as the New Year begins, we take a look at the optimistic side of life, from many Jewish perspectives.

INSIDE Text Context September 2011
Much of ‘positive psychology’ has its roots in Judaism.
The Talmud as an expression of dogged Jewish optimism.
Although penned by an alcoholic poet who moved to America, Israel’s national anthem still lifts the spirits of many Jews.
Worship helps our internal compasses point to a magnetic north of being-ness.
Seeking out the reservoir of optimism.
A look at the etrog, the lemony fruit that helps define Sukkot.
At a book festival in Sicily, admiring a tranquil lifestyle and remembering a father’s bedtime stories.
The Yiddish writer and his particular view of the Jewish past and future.