Text Context May 2011

Text Context May 2011

Synagogues are places of meaning, sanctuaries for the soul, magnets for community. This month, we look at their history, both ancient and modern; art and architecture; ritual and prayer. And, we feature several personal stories about synagogues and their

INSIDE Text Context May 2011
Excavations from Israel over the past 50 years suggest that synagogues may be older than we initially thought.
A rabbi reflects on why American Jews need the minyan now more than ever.
A Conservative woman rabbi grapples with her Syrian family’s gender-stratified customs.
Growing up as the rabbi’s son at the only synagogue in town.
Immigration and the art of shul-going.
The history of the synagogue in America, a new book shows, is one of rifts, splits, factions and the ever-evolving tension between tradition and modernity.
Though a bit tarnished, the Abstract Expressionist windows at Brooklyn’s Kingsway Jewish Center still glimmer.
A brief history of shul competition, money, political lobbying and the High Holy Days.