Text Context June 2010: Weddings

Text Context June 2010: Weddings

Weddings: a new and thoughtful look at the ritual terrain

INSIDE Text Context June 2010: Weddings
Whether read literally or metaphorically, the Song of Songs evokes love in a way few texts can equal.
Toward a Jewish Theology of Marriage
Officiating at a wedding gives professor a new perspective on matrimony.
When a prominent kohen fell in love with a convert in 1782, newly independent American Jews flouted halacha.
On not losing a father, when gaining ‘the one’
Algerian Jewish wedding traditions inspired a one-of-a-kind dress.
From birds to cityscapes, throughout history ketubah art reflects local traditions and contemporary styles.
Looking beyond the ceremony to the realities of marriage.
My husband, a convert, is more observant than I am.
The biblical romance between God and His people, just like all other emotional entanglements, is complicated.
For agunot, the wedding is the easy part; it’s the divorce that’s a Herculean challenge.