Text Context July 2011

Text Context July 2011

This month, our contributors address some challenging questions about how the Jewish community relates to those among us who might be considered other, or different, whether Jews of color or with disabilities, gay and lesbian, converts, nonbelievers or wo

INSIDE Text Context July 2011
A half-century after the black singer’s conversion, the post-ethnic Judaism by choice he represented is in full flower.
Hearing the voice of the Other.
The ’othering’ of women has left its mark on contemporary Judaism.
Intermarriage, conversion and adoption are creating an ever more racially diverse Tribe.
Is the Jewish community changing its attitude and actions toward people with disabilities?
A Jew by choice brings a needed outsider’s perspective to the community.
How Jewish tradition marginalized the deaf.
One woman’s struggle to make Jewish life accessible for herself and others.
Late last year Israel accepted what’s set to be the final wave of Ethiopian immigrants. But the country is still struggling to integrate the 120,000 who’ve arrived over the past three decades.