Text Context February 2011

Text Context February 2011

The Books Issue is dedicated to the idea of Jewish books and their history. Contributors look at books as windows into Jewish cultre, as bridges between people, as repostitores of knowlege and wisdom, as expressions of identity, as home.

INSIDE Text Context February 2011
With newly discovered documents and innovative approaches, how do we decide which Jewish texts and values remain at the core?
In his subtle translations of the Bible’s Wisdom Books — Proverbs, Ecclesiastes and Job — Robert Alter highlights the canon’s subversive side.
A scholar revisits an 18th-century popular tome—reprinted for centuries—that mixes science, kabbalah and ethics.
A dedicated reader and bibliophile reflects on pruning her collection.
Efforts to get Jewish books to Holocaust survivors in Europe
Inside a ‘battlefield of books,’ a rich mosaic of Egyptian Jewish life.
Will Jewish readers—and Jewish culture generally—be transformed by the coming digital reading revolution?
A new stream of Jewish memoirs seeks to recreate lost worlds.