Text Context December 2011

Text Context December 2011

This month, our distinguished contributors pursue the nature of Jewish leadership, whether communal, military, rabbinic, political or wishful.

INSIDE Text Context December 2011
For a variety of reasons, Jews are underrepresented in the U.S. military and its leadership.
Ben-Gurion repeatedly faced down crises by fearlessly rejecting retreat and useless compromise. Obama would do well to follow his model.
Israel's president reflects on the nation's founding father.
Rabbis need to step out of their comfort zones and talk to the people they seek to serve.
The problem with ‘dynamic’ rabbis.
Anti-Semites are a tiny fringe at the Occupy Wall Street protests. But an inability to quiet them shows the limitations of a leaderless movement.
The magnetic power of leaders to attract and inspire is hard to define and hard to control.
A case against leadership by default.