Text Context December 2010

Text Context December 2010

A look at Jews and money: Our distinguished contributors talk about our sometimes uneasy relationship with money, and the connection between how we spend our money and how we spend our days.

INSIDE Text Context December 2010
An Israeli nightmare about rootlessness leads to financial ruin.
Poverty is hardly beautiful, but we are commanded not to look away from it.
The subject of Jewish money has been a tricky minefield for hundreds of years.
History’s silence on the Jewish immigrant entrepreneurs behind the Bank of United States.
Ragtag Maccabees or conquerors with booty?
Money as spiritual practice.
Do we have a distinct and identifiable way of doing business?
Jews may be well represented in the annals of white-collar fraud, but halacha explicitly requires us to be honest, taxpaying citizens.
A feverish love of collecting masked a family’s shameful truth: There was no money.