Text Context August 2011

Text Context August 2011

Our contributors reflect on loss and, in doing so, affirm life. A wide range of essays explore the rituals related to death and mourning, other losses, the power of memory and the possibility of consolation.

INSIDE Text Context August 2011
What burial grounds and tombstones say about our personalities, cultures and traditions.
Watching friends, family and acquaintances go the way of obituary and biography.
Marking the first anniversary of his father’s death, a son reflects on the deceased’s once-powerful frame and how its legacy and memory continue to give him strength.
Preparing a body for burial can be a surprisingly moving and uplifting experience.
For many of Madoff’s victims, the financial loss continues to trigger aftershocks.
Obituaries and what they tell us about the dead and about journalism today.
No matter how familiar you are with death, it’s impossible to be prepared for the loss of your mother.
On a northern Atlantic shore, I discovered how to mourn—and honor—my brother.