Text Context August 2010: Travel

Text Context August 2010: Travel

The travel issue: 'Jerusalem syndromes,' the Jews who tamed the Wild West and more.

INSIDE Text Context August 2010: Travel
The blissful idleness, and useless information dump, of a frequent flyer.
Benjamin of Tudela, the 12th-century Spanish scholar/merchant, journeyed throughout the diaspora, documenting all he saw.
From Melville to Twain, visiting Americans are sometimes disappointed by the City of Gold.
In Uman, a pilgrimage to Rebbe Nachman’s grave becomes a lesson in reading and understanding.
At a hangar-turned arts space, an American adjusts to her foreign homeland.
Using Tefilat Haderech, the traveler’s prayer, as a guide.
Working for hospitality giant Fred Harvey, 19th-century immigrants Dave Benjamin and Harold Schweizer expanded travel and trade, while helping build Jewish institutions.