Text Context April 2011

Text Context April 2011

How do we measure the moments, the hours, the days, months, seasons and years of our lives? In this issue on the calendar -- which heralds the beginning of spring and the arrival of Pesach -- we explore how cycles of Jewish time are marked and experienced

INSIDE Text Context April 2011
There’s only one biblical birthday bash.
Seeking a coherent life with the holiday cycle as our compass.
Elisheva Carlebach rediscovers the lost art of ‘sifrei evronot,’ Jewish calendar booklets.
After watching Eichmann on TV at 13, she found herself, decades later, in a London courtroom battling Holocaust denial.
Jewish eating connects us, literally, to our roots in the land.
In perfecting Judaism’s complex, lunisolar calendar, the Rabbis likely relied on advanced mathematics.
Rosh Hodesh, Susan B. Anthony and the teenage girl.
Israel’s smallest religious minority offers Jews a glimpse of what might have been.
Can the zodiac be integrated into the Jewish tradition?