Text Context April 2010: Shabbat

Text Context April 2010: Shabbat

This month, our distinguished writers pause to consider the Sabbath, a day said to mirror the world to come.

INSIDE Text Context April 2010: Shabbat
In Cairo, the once-crowded Shar Hashamaim is restored, but there are almost no Jews left to pray in it.
The author of The Sabbath World shares what she’s learned about the day of rest.
Does stone-throwing count as work? How about Dylan in Hebrew?
Shabbat, as Heschel observed, is a ‘palace in time,’ a day to shut everything else down and think of the Eternal.
The story of cholent goes to the heart of Jewish history and tradition.
Exactly what kind of ‘work’ is forbidden on Shabbat — and why?