Sephardim In NY

Sephardim In NY

Young Families, Singles Flocking to Upper East Side; ‘The Memory Is In Their Taste Buds’: The Lure of Sephardic Food; Safra Synagogue Rabbi’s Growing Empire; Sephardic And Egalitarian at B’nai Jeshurun; Giving Voice to Sephardic Music.

INSIDE Sephardim In NY
Growing numbers of young families and singles leaving Brooklyn and Great Neck and lighting out for the Upper East Side.
When it comes to Sephardic cooking, culinary historian and revivalist Jennifer Abadi is both insider and outsider.
As he builds a community on the Upper East Side, Rabbi Elie Abadie, a champion of Sephardic culture, says mainstream American Jewry can learn from his society’s way of life.
B’nai Jeshurun’s new service offers progressive touch with its ‘Sefarad-Yerushalayim’ approach.
Erez Safar helped put Sephardic musical culture on the map, and in the process honored his mother’s heritage.
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