Kosher Wine Guide

Kosher Wine Guide

Is The Kosher Label A 'Golden' Handcuff? The Terrain In Spain; The French Fight Back; The Top 18 Lists; Whites $18 & Over; Reds Under $25; Sweet Wines; Israeli Wines And More

INSIDE Kosher Wine Guide
Israeli vintners discuss the benefits and pitfalls of typecasting.
The mountain village of Capçanes is the site of an unlikely kosher wine success story.
Passover remembrances and recipes from noted food anthropologist and writer Claudia Roden.
While Israeli wines may dominate the kosher market, French wines are starting to make a comeback.
Quality kosher le’Pesach cognacs, vodkas and gins are on the rise.
What impact does the biblically mandated sabbatical year have on Israel’s wine industry?
Meet the judges whose discerning palates pick The Jewish Week’s Top 18 Kosher Wines Competition.