Kosher Wine Guide 2019

Kosher Wine Guide 2019

INSIDE Kosher Wine Guide 2019
Swirl, sniff, sip, spit, score, repeat: Inside the making of The Jewish Week’s top kosher wines list.
Lighter-bodied wines and Mediterranean blends now ascendant, say the country’s winemakers.
From Borough Park To Berkeley, developments in American kosher wine.
Dining well on Passover, courtesy of some of New York’s top kosher chefs.
Six vintners on their beverages of choice, from ‘hoppy’ beer (lots of it) to ‘peaty’ Scotch — but, please, no soda.
Koval, Chicago’s grain-to-bottle kosher craft distiller.
What’s behind the making of ‘Classified Kosher’ wines?
Exploring the most popular (and most griped about) grape of them all.
The judges for this year’s Top 10 Lists.