Kosher Wine Guide 2016

Kosher Wine Guide 2016

‘The Sweet Spot Is $65’ A Top-Chef Passover Toys For The Oenophile Plus The Top 18 Lists

INSIDE Kosher Wine Guide 2016
Meet Christophe Bardeau, who took up a new challenge and became a game-changer.
Welcome to the fast-growing high-end kosher wine market.
Hagafen’s Ernie Weir is branching out to private label wines and a crowdsourcing marketplace.
A celebration of (culinary) freedom, with wines to match, courtesy of three of N.Y.’s finest.
To stay competitive in the U.S. market, Israeli vintners focus on their country’s unique climate conditions.
Aerating systems, foil cutters, cork extractors: gadgets galore to enhance your wine experience.
Meet the judges whose discerning palates pick The Jewish Week’s Top 18 Kosher Wines Competition.