Kosher Wine Guide 2013

Kosher Wine Guide 2013

The top 18 kosher white, red and Israeli wines; the American kosher wine scene and much more.

INSIDE Kosher Wine Guide 2013
The husband-and-wife team of writers and vintners share some tips, and some recipes.
The country’s winemakers weigh in on what’s been called a ‘quality revolution, ’how it all got started, and whether the kosher label is a burden.
The newly formed Israeli Wine Producer’s Association is trying to do just that.
Kosher wine importers discuss the trends — what’s selling, at what price, and what’s on the horizon.
Catching up with the noted Golan Heights budget-priced winemaker (and career changer) Shimshon Welner.
Cocktails and punches to enliven a festive gathering.