Israel Now (May 2019)

Israel Now (May 2019)

The Bridge Builders: Spanning the divide between Israel and American Jews. 

Text partners, chefs, playwrights, educators and rabbis cut across cultures.

INSIDE Israel Now (May 2019)
An educational program takes American Jewish leaders on a listening tour of The Other’s narrative.
A gulf yawns between Israel and American Jews over pluralism, human rights and democratic principles. But there are, thankfully, connections that transcend politics.
Partner programs help students in both countries realize they are more alike than they are dissimilar.
For a Haifa education official, creating ‘brothers across the sea’ tests Israeli students’ connection to the ‘other side.’
Israeli food as the great connector, erasing borders and biases.
A group of entrepreneurial rabbis looks to weave new ties between Israeli and American Jews.
Despite the election, hopes for a robust dialogue.
It might just be the medium to facilitate conversation between Israelis and American Jews...
Communal Jewish text study as a balm in Gilead.