Israel Now May 2014

Israel Now May 2014

Rock Steady: The Show Goes On For Concert Promoters; Still Start-Up Nation: Tech Sector Thriving Despite Boycott; In The BDS Trenches: From ‘Pinkwashing’ To The Park Slope Food Coop

INSIDE Israel Now May 2014
Israeli professors not feeling a chilling effect in push to freeze them out, but they caution about need for vigilance.
Gauging the impact — economic and psychological — of the BDS movement.
Israel concert promoters and festival organizers have taken some BDS hits, but mainly the show goes on.
Israel’s ‘start-up nation’ reputation seen trumping economic threat as foreign investment is robust as ever.
The argument for a savvy response that mixes pressure with pragmatism.
From ‘pinkwashing’ to the Park Slope Food Coop fight, in the trenches with the JCRC’s point person on the ever-demanding issue.
How the BDS wars play out on one campus: a Q&A with NYU’s Rabbi Yehuda Sarna.
Votes to target companies doing business in Israel are surging, but pro-Palestinian activists aren’t getting many wins.
What to tell the kids about the boycott — and the need for dialogue, thanks to Pete Seeger.