Israel Now May 2013

Israel Now May 2013

In the wake of January’s elections, The Jewish Week looks at changes sweeping through Israeli society—from the halls of the Knesset to the classroom to the Western Wall. A 40-page special report.

INSIDE Israel Now May 2013
In the wake of the recent election, Israel may be transcending its decades-old culture war between religious and secular.
Increasing numbers of secular Israelis are engaging in ancient texts, hoping to reclaim the country’s moral center.
Ruth Calderon’s stirring Knesset speech (and Talmud lesson) calling for a Torah that includes all Jews may be the proof text of Israel’s new middle.
The long-burdened Israeli center seems newly ascendant in the wake of the recent election. But austerity looms and will the middle class turn on its champion, Yair Lapid?
From public transportation to prayer at the Western Wall to the halls of the Knesset, women’s empowerment is on the march in Israel.
An American-born, moderate haredi lawmaker is a new kind of Israeli politician. Can he help bring about change?
Reform, Masorti movements see some progress for their causes, but the struggle for acceptance continues.
‘Flipping the switch’ from think tank to liberal arts college, Shalem seeks to emulate U.S. elite academia, infused with Jewish identity.
David Stav, once a long shot in Israel, seeks major changes in haredi stronghold, including on marriage and conversion.