Israel Now: May 2010

Israel Now: May 2010

Defining Moment, Critical Questions. A look at crucial issues facing Israel today, from the status of Jerusalem to the changing pro-Israel movement to the impact of Birthright trips.

INSIDE Israel Now: May 2010
The dizzyingly complex question of sovereignty over Jerusalem.
Keeping non-haredim in Israel’s poorest city is an increasingly difficult task.
The emergence of J Street and what it means.
The current Israeli-Palestinian situation seems a tolerable — even a desirable — alternative, but perhaps only for now.
Birthright Israel and the complicated — and contradictory — business of building Jewish identity.
Between Israel and many younger Jews here stands a gaping cavern. Needed: a new narrative to bridge the divide.
Israel’s public relations problem can be fixed, experts say, but not by clinging to the old narratives.
Israeli Arabs say the country under-serves their community, and underestimates its value.
Israel’s brain power is increasingly global and mobile, and the country is moving to keep academics at home.