Israel Now (June 2016)

Israel Now (June 2016)

Israelis in Shul, Really! The Hummus Diaries. 3 Generations of Jazzers. The Expat Author Boom. Start-up Island Taking Shape.

INSIDE Israel Now (June 2016)
Programs to lure Israeli-Americans to synagogue are popping up, but it’s a slow road to shul membership.
In search of the best thick-and-grainy or silky-smooth chickpea and tehina spread around.
The ‘in between-ness’ of the Israeli expat writer.
Meet the guys helping Israeli entrepreneurs make it big in the Big Apple.
A longtime oleh wants her kids to have a taste of that New York diversity.
If it’s Tuesday, this must be…: The payoffs and perils of the really long-distance commuter.
New Roosevelt Island campus, partnership of Technion and Cornell University, will increase Israelis’ footprint here.
MiDor LeDor; Meet 12 Israeli jazz musicians who have washed ashore here, making a rhythmic and melodic mark in NYC.