Israel Now June 2012

Israel Now June 2012

Inside Israel’s Secular-Religious Culture War Return to Beit Shemesh … The theater as bridge builder … religious pluralism in the classroom. Plus, essays by Stuart Schoffman, Jonathan Rosenblum and Daniel Sokatch, and more. 28-page Special Report

INSIDE Israel Now June 2012
Secularites grouse about how ‘black’ the country is becoming, but issues of religion and state in Israel may not be as divisive as they seem.
How an unlikely pair of religious-secular activists stopped the zealots in Beit Shemesh.
Rabbi Uri Regev has been on a crusade to make Israel a more religiously equitable country. A lot of forces are lined up against him, but he sees some change in the wind.
The ultra-Orthodox are becoming increasingly integrated into mainstream Israeli society the author argues. But will it be enough for secularites, and for the media?
Are American Jews, especially young ones, driven away from Israel by its growing haredization?
The impossibly thorny issues of religion, state and identity, and the role American Jews can play.
The country’s stage is increasingly a ‘meeting place’ where Israelis grapple with issues of identity.
The ABC’s of religious pluralism in a Jerusalem classroom.