Israel Now June 2011

Israel Now June 2011

Navigating the Arab Spring Essays by Aaron David Miller, Gidi Grinstein, David Harris and more.

INSIDE Israel Now June 2011
With all the turbulence around it, and caught between risk and opportunity, Israel should stand pat, argues a veteran of the peace process.
With so much hanging in the balance, an American Jewish leader weighs hopes and fears.
On every front — from the Muslim Brotherhood to the White House — Israel’s back is against the wall, argues the author.
A plea for adaptability and openness in a world increasingly colored, as in the Bible, in stark black and white.
A leading Israeli think tank founder says the country’s leaders should ‘drive’ the peace process.
Palestinian statehood, growing isolation for Israel and a ‘new chapter’ for the region.
Can art break barriers and build bridges between Israel and Egypt? It’s a long shot but some Israeli writers and musicians hold out a glimmer of hope.