Israel At 70

Israel At 70

Celebrating 70 years of the Jewish homeland.

INSIDE Israel At 70
Ancient stones, modern politics and the very personal Israel-diaspora relationship.
Getting Israelis out of their comfort zone is crucial to changing the relationship with the diaspora.
An older generation knew the 70 years before ’48.
When the relationship was good...
The crisis in Israel-diaspora relations has put new pressure on a group that could help mind the gap.
For ‘Anglos’ in Israel, who are responsible for much social change, foreignness and belonging exist side by side.
Navigating contradictory geographies. American Jews live in the safest and most accepting diaspora Jews have known; Israelis live in the most dangerous region on the planet.
As the Israel-diaspora rift grows, Reform leader Rabbi Rick Jacobs plays a key role in seeking to engage disengaged young Jews.
Does Zionism ask too much of the American Jewish community?
We look back and we look ahead in this special report
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