Fall Literary Guide 2011

Fall Literary Guide 2011

The Book on Israel A new read on the Jewish state, from Oz and Shalev to a biography of Jerusalem and a take on the country’s internal conflicts.

INSIDE Fall Literary Guide 2011
With a family pedigree and a sharp political eye, Simon Sebag Montefiore tries to get at the ‘truth’ of the complex city.
Meir Shalev remembers his grandmother, a pioneer Martha Stewart, and that very American vacuum cleaner.
In his latest meticulously crafted novel, Israel’s most famous living writer evokes a profound existential unease.
The life and times of David Ben-Gurion and Ariel Sharon, two prime ministers who define Israel.
Gershom Gorenberg looks at the internal conflicts that threaten to ‘unmake’ Israel.
A translator (and fiction writer) on the tricky task of turning Israeli novels into English.