Education January 2015

Education January 2015

Sexual Fantasies At Seminary? YCT’s Edgy Podcast Breaks New Ground; Classroom War Correspondents; Tackling The Day School Affordability Crisis.

INSIDE Education January 2015
Sexual fantasies at seminary? New push for early childhood education; Houston temple offering Birthright-style trips; U.S. day school enrollment up.
With their dispatches from the front lines of the recent Gaza conflict, students in the western Negev become ‘emissaries of sorts.’
The Sci-Tech Schools network sees its work with Bedouins in the Negev and charedim in the north as giving overlooked students their ‘first real opportunity.’
Elite aerospace high school, which only recently began accepting women, grooms students for army service and a career.
Local day school graduate’s athletic experience highlights unique pre-college activities.
The Challenge Fund will encourage day schools in the New York area to launch or build their endowments.