Education January 2011

Education January 2011

The Revolution in Teen Outreach: From synagogues to public high schools, new programming to lure a new generation. Plus: American students flocking to Israeli med schools, and a bold new model for Hebrew schools.

INSIDE Education January 2011
Columbia Library’s Jewish holdings get Boost ... Bible Raps, G-dcast make Slingshot list … Israeli gov’t doubles Birthright money.
Synagogues, educational groups rethinking offerings and restructuring programs to reach a new generation.
Jewish Student Unions expanding at public schools in Westchester, hoping to lure the unaffiliated.
A push for early childhood initiatives for children and their parents.
Twelve new episodes of ‘Shalom Sesame’ reveal a changing Israel — and cater to a full spectrum of American Jews.
Envisioning a family-centered, synagogue-based and community enriched model.
Growing numbers of American students — Jewish and non — are opting for programs in the Jewish state.
Israeli, New Jersey teens team up in program to raise environmental awareness and make an Eco Connection.
Members of the Tribe have a presence at the Rose Bowl-winning campus — and at many other Protestant and Catholic universities.