Education August 2013

Education August 2013

CLASS NOTES: The Latest From The Jewish Quad Youth Movement Sweeping Westchester Day Schools Jewish Teens Go Clubbing

INSIDE Education August 2013
Students in Jewish Lens curriculum shoot the seasons.
College care packages from back home, teaching in the ‘flipped classroom’ and seminaries embracing new technology.
Three new heads of Conservative and Orthodox institutions, all under 44, taking over this fall.
Jewish Student Connection teen program trying to reverse ‘post-bar mitzvah dropout rate,’ provide outlet for unaffiliated.
Shmueli Perkel’s award-winning Musical IQ melds global rhythms and Jewish stories in unique educational program.
Day School Collaboration Network borrowing a page from Silicon Valley to improve teaching, other areas.
With more working parents seeking affordable options, established JCCA network looks beyond the émigré community.
Website of materials for teachers aims to fire up children’s imaginations as antidote to dry textbooks.