Israelis Reject Reform Judaism
Letters to the editor

Israelis Reject Reform Judaism

Who exactly are Rabbi Ammiel Hirsch’s end-users in an Israel of Reform Judaism? (“Reform Jews At Crossroads On Israel,” Opinion, Oct. 6.) Charedim? National Religious? Mizrachim (Sephardim)? They won’t touch Reform Judaism with a 10-foot pole.

Of course, there are consumers of pork products in Israel, but you’ll never convince them that Jewish practice is consistent with their diets. As far as “tikkun olam” is concerned, while Reform Judaism in the U.S. is married to the platform of the Democratic Party (with holidays), this just doesn’t fly in Israel. Bottom line is that if Israelis had really wanted Reform Judaism, it would have emerged as a strong force decades ago, even had the state and Chief Rabbinate bitterly opposed it.

Miami Beach

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