Israelis Optimistic About Trump

Israelis Optimistic About Trump

In his column on whether the prayer for the government should be revised considering the Trump election victory, Gary Rosenblatt gives attention to the opinions of an obscure left-wing ad hoc group (“Pray For The President? A Divine Dilemma,” Jan. 13). Your readers have probably never heard of it and its membership must be minuscule [The group is Refuse Facism, which recently ran a full-page ad in The New York Times].

What about the recent Jerusalem Post poll which showed that 69 percent of Israelis view Obama as pro-Palestinian and 79 percent expect a Trump administration to be more pro-Israel? That’s a lot more representative of how committed Jews feel.

Rosenblatt’s column reads like it was written by the head of an abortion rights group, not the editor of a Jewish newspaper.


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