Israeli Ministers Disagree On Quartet Plan

Israeli Ministers Disagree On Quartet Plan

Israel’s senior Cabinet ministers did not reach an agreement on a Mideast Quartet proposal to renew peace negotiations with the Palestinians.

The ministers met until 2 a.m. on Wednesday, but could not agree on accepting the initiative. It is believed that Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu supports the proposal.

The proposal calls for a renewal of direct talks within a month, without preconditions, and to reach a final agreement by the end of 2012. It does not specifically mention settlement building, but calls on Israel and the Palestinians to “refrain from provocative actions.”

The Palestinians have not responded, but have expressed disappointment with the proposal because it does not call for a settlement construction freeze and does not call for starting negotiations with the 1967 borders as a guide.

The proposal is an attempt to get the sides back to peace negotiations before the United Nations Security Council votes on a Palestinian statehood bid submitted to the Security Council last week.

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