Israel Recognizes Emerging Nation Of South Sudan

Israel Recognizes Emerging Nation Of South Sudan

Israel recognized the new state of South Sudan.

"I hereby announce that Israel recognizes the Republic of South Sudan. We wish it success. This is a peace-seeking country and we would be pleased to cooperate with it in order to ensure its development and its prosperity. Greetings to South Sudan," Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said at the start of Sunday’s regular cabinet meeting.

Interior Minister Eli Yishai also welcomed the news of the new state of South Sudan, saying that Israel should begin negotiations with the new country in order to return thousands of Sudanese refugees who have made Israel their home in recent years.

Sudanese refugees living in Tel Aviv celebrated the birth of the new state, according to Israeli media.

South Sudan became a state on July 9 with its capital in Juba, following a vote for independence. The country was recognized on July 8 by the government of Sudan.

Jewish groups welcomed the new state.

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