Israel Needs Brains Now

Israel Needs Brains Now

Israel’s position on Iran shows it to be in concert with the American
conservative politicians who have nothing to suggest except “no deal,”
allowing a nuclear buildup to continue. (“Israel Facing Agonizing Choice On Iran Deal,” July 17).

Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu’s congressional visit
should have alerted him to the stalemate in U.S. politics instead of awkwardly
revealing his willingness to expose his own political motives. Israel now
has nothing to appeal to and will just have to wait until President Obama signs a bill and give
the average American a sense that our ally and beneficiary is willing to
meddle without circumstance. Israel should put its brains to the task and
get space in U.S. media showing erudition, logic and invention, for which Jews
are renowned.

Where are the voices against what Netanyahu has fomented?


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