Israel Moving In Wrong Direction
Letters to the editor

Israel Moving In Wrong Direction

In response to the Opinion piece by Rabbi Ammiel Hirsch, “My Reform Colleagues Were Wrong On Jerusalem” (Dec. 20), where he supports President Trump’s declaration on Jerusalem, I hardly know where to begin.

Rabbi Hirsch first claims that this is good politics, since almost all Israeli parties publically support Trump’s decision. Of course they do, since Jerusalem is such a powerful symbol in Israel. That is why precisely all previous presidents did not in fact declare all of Jerusalem the capital of Israel until there would be a settlement on other issues first. In fact, many Israeli military and security leaders privately were against Trump’s declaration. We can see that now as the current right-wing Israeli government is moving in the direction of making a two-state solution moot. Rabbi Hirsch’s claim that he believes in a two-state solution is just empty rhetoric. If Israel continues on this road of indefinite occupation and annexation, it will severely damage not only its democracy, but prophetic Judaism and the heart of Reform Judaism, which is social justice and the dignity of all human beings.



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