Israel Issue In N.Y. Race

Israel Issue In N.Y. Race

Regarding the race to succeed Democrat Anthony Weiner in New York’s 9th Congressional District, here’s what has changed in the Jewish community, as evidenced by the election of Bob Turner rather than David Weprin: In the past (as in the case of President Jimmy Carter), it would have been sufficient for a local Jewish Democratic or Republican candidate to say that he/she supports Israel and opposes the president’s policies concerning Israel. In this case, the only statement that could have saved David Weprin would have been an affirmative declaration not to support President Barack Obama for re-election.

This president has raised the bar — watch Jewish Democratic officeholders in particular get pressed in such communities to commit not to support the re-election of the president as a litmus test of their priorities.

Jeffrey S. Wiesenfeld
Great Neck, L.I.

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