Israel And The Double Standard

Israel And The Double Standard

In a June 14 letter to the editor, Matt Gordon answers Melvin Faber’s letter saying that we Jews hold Israel to a
higher standard. (Faber was responding to the May 7 opinion piece by Steven Povich and Axel Hufford, “Birthright Only Tells Half The Story”).

We can hold Israel to a higher standard, but not to a double
standard. When people distort history and even ignore history we put the
future of the entire Jewish people in danger.

Maybe comparing the treatment
of American Indians and other groups around the world is an unfair
comparison. However, I have yet to see the human rights
violations of other nations, including the United States, get as much media attention
and public debate as problems in Israel get. The international
community, including people on many college campuses, have made it in vogue to hate
Israel with a passion. The unfortunate part is that many Jewish students take
part in these anti-Israel protests.


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