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Introducing The Yad

Introducing The Yad

Today we’re rolling out a new staff blog: The Yad: On Point with Today’s News. Why another blog, you ask? Because The Jewish Week feels it needs a space to comment on each day’s most interesting stories. As a weekly paper, it isn’t always easy getting ink on important news that may, nonetheless, disappear in 24 hours. And while we already have individual reporters writing their own blogs, The Yad will have the strength of our entire newsroom behind it. Now, five days a week, at least one reporter will give a smart, brief take on something fascinating he or she has read.
What kind of news will The Yad focus on? In short, there won’t be any hard and fast rules. We imagine The Yad will evolve over time, driven by the interests, inquisitiveness (and sometimes quirkiness) of our writers. But you can expect a wide swath of issues to be covered — local and national stories, culture, education, religion and politics. We hope, too, that the blog does what all good blogs do: add substantive ideas, and a little attitude, to the public debate.

To read today's entry of The Yad, click here.

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