Interfaith Wedding Planning

Interfaith Wedding Planning

As I’ve mentioned here before, Homeshuling blogger Amy Meltzer and I have an almost eerie amount in common.

We both have two elementary-school-age daughters (hers are Ella and Zoe, mine are Ellie and Sophie), are married to French Canadian high school history teachers, are alumni of crunchy liberal arts colleges and love Eden Village Camp, where we met in person a few months ago — and where I’m dropping Ellie off tomorrow for her first overnight camp experience ever. (Thank goodness it’s only a five-day session, as I’m feeling very nervous and sad about leaving my firstborn, even though I am confident she’ll have a great time and be in good hands.)

Anyway, Amy has a nice post on her blog this week about celebrating her ninth interfaith wedding anniversary, as well as the various decisions she made and struggles she faced in planning the ceremony. She spent years studying at a yeshiva before meeting her husband Keith and put a great deal more thought into her wedding ceremony than I, who outsourced the ceremonial details to the Reform rabbi officiant. However, her piece reminded me of much of my own ambivalence/struggles 14 years ago as I tried to decide whether to have a Jewish (or Jewish-style, as more traditional Jews would argue) ceremony at all or simply to elope (Joe’s preference).

I described some of my dilemmas in a column here four years ago.

Happy anniversary, Amy and Keith!

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