Intelligent Advocacy Needed

Intelligent Advocacy Needed

Education before advocacy (“We’ve Got It Backward, Israel Education Should Come First,” Between The Lines, July 22) sounds reasonable. But look at what is defined as education — “what Israel can and should be,” emphasis of the “facts” and Israel as a “work in progress” which “must maintain standards of pluralism, tolerance and morality held dear by American Jews.”

Absent from the new approach is the reality of Israel — her remarkable 64-year journey and achievements, her excellent case, including the minor blemishes, given her violent neighborhood and short history, as well as the mindset of her citizens who pay the ultimate price to defend the Jewish state.

Instead our new education turns the spotlight onto the idealistic visions of Jews living thousands of miles away at a time when the Jewish state is under siege from all sides; courageous, intelligent advocacy is needed as never before.


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