Inspiring Commitment To Teaching

Inspiring Commitment To Teaching

 Thank you for the article about the important work of Jewish New Teacher Project (JNTP), “Teachers Teaching Teachers,” Education section, Aug. 22. We are excited to launch our 2014-15 academic year with more than 80 mentors and 100 new teachers, representing close to 50 Jewish day schools in eight states, plus Canada.

The article focused on the valuable role of mentors in acclimating beginning teachers to the cultures of their schools, as well as on the impressive retention numbers of JNTP participants in the field of Jewish education. We also want to highlight what we feel is our greatest impact:  accelerating the effectiveness of beginning teachers and inspiring long-term commitment to the profession of Jewish education.

We thank the AVI CHAI and Jim Joseph Foundations, as well as our other funders, for their support in bringing JNTP into 106 schools across the U.S. and Canada thus far. This year alone, JNTP-trained mentors and new teachers will reach more than 12,000 Jewish day school students across the continent and across the denominational spectrum.

We look forward to continuing to adapt and transmit the award-winning, innovative work of our parent organization, New Teacher Center, to benefit the field of Jewish education for many years to come.

Nina Bruder, Director

Amy Ament, Associate Director

Fayge Safran, Senior Program Director

Jewish New Teacher Project

New Teacher Center

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