Inscribed In The Blog Of Life

Inscribed In The Blog Of Life

At Rosh HaShanah, I try to set aside some time for writing in my much-neglected journal and doing a personal year-in-review, thinking about what went well and what I’d like to improve.

But with all the back-to-school clatter, and with menu-planning for the holiday meals, I haven’t had a chance to do this yet, and I’m hoping to have some time for this in the coming days.

I have, however, done some thinking about “In the Mix.”

As some of you have noticed, my monthly “In the Mix” column quietly faded away this year, the result mostly of me being too busy maintaining this blog, as well as dealing with the numerous other aspects of my job (reporting on education, editing). I feel a bit sad about this, as the column, which ran for more than four years, allowed me to think more deeply and do more reporting. Blog posts, while fun, are often dashed off quickly, about superficial topics like celebrities, or based more on other people’s articles and posts than on my own research.

This year I hope to get back to doing some full-length columns and articles about intermarriage/interfaith family life, particularly in areas I’ve touched on only briefly in this blog and that I think deserve more attention. At the top of my list: multiracial marriages, including the sometimes, but not always overlapping categories of Muslim-Jewish and Arab-Jewish relationships, as well as Asian-Jewish ones. I’m also hoping to get to Israel this year (haven’t been there in a decade) and learn more about intermarriage there. Please let me know if you have other topics you’d like to see explored more thoroughly, or at least addressed in this blog.

Shana tova umetuka to all. Best wishes for a sweet, happy and healthy new year!

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